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Voyage From Treasure Island Conclave 2014: Success

Conclave 2014 has come to a close for this year. 236 Arrowmen gathered at Firelands Scout Reservation for a weekend of fun, food and fellowship. 

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Section C-4A Leadership Team:

  • Section Chief - Michael Schloemer, Cuyahoga Lodge
  • Section Vice Chief - Andrew Pleso, Wapashuwi Lodge
  • Section Secretary - Greg Bulger, Marnoc Lodge
  • Section Adviser - Sean McCabe, Onondaga Lodge
  • Section Staff Adviser - Jim Shimko, Marnoc Lodge
  • Section Associate Adviser - Jon Reisdorf, Sipp-O Lodge
  • Section Associate Adviser - Zach Thuring, Onondaga Lodge

Several awards were presented at Conclave. Congratulations to all award recipients. 

Section Chief's Award (Presented by Blaine Lott):

  • Ricky Angeletti, Marnoc Lodge
  • Bret Gensburg, Wapashuwi Lodge
  • Sean McCabe, Onondaga Lodge
  • Jon Reisdorf, Sipp-O Lodge
 Outstanding Lodge Award: 
  • Wapashuwi Lodge
 Lodge Spirit Award: 
  • Onondaga Lodge
 Man/Mile Award: 
  • Onondaga Lodge
 Lodge Chief of the Year: 
  • J. J. Conklin, Portage Lodge
 Brotherhood Ceremony Competition: 
  • Portage Lodge
Council of Chiefs
September 14, 2014
Conference Call
October 31-November 2, 2014
Camp Lazarus
Delaware, OH
Council of Chiefs
November 1, 2014
Camp Lazarus
Delaware, OH
Council of Chiefs
February 7, 2015
Council of Chiefs
To Be Announced (Late March/April 2015)
Conclave Onsite
May 15-17, 2015
Youngstown Air Reserve Station
Vienna, OH