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Classy Country Club Conclave 2013: Success

Conclave 2013 has come to a close for this year. 199 Arrowmen gathered at Beaumont Scout Reservation for a weekend of fun, food and fellowship. 

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Section C-4A Leadership Team:

  • Section Chief - Ricky Angeletti, Marnoc Lodge
  • Section Vice Chief - Blaine Lott, Marnoc Lodge
  • Section Secretary - Brayden Quick, Sipp-O Lodge
  • Section Adviser - Sean McCabe, Onondaga Lodge
  • Section Staff Adviser - Jim Shimko, Marnoc Lodge
  • Section Associate Adviser - Barry Smith, Marnoc Lodge
  • Section Associate Adviser - Zach Thuring, Onondaga Lodge

Several awards were presented at Conclave. Congratulations to all award recipients. 

Section Chief's Award (Presented by Ricky Angeletti):

  • Matt Bernotas, Portage Lodge
  • Blaine Lott, Marnoc Lodge
  • Greg Marsano, Portage Lodge
  • Sean McCabe, Onondaga Lodge
 Outstanding Lodge Award: 
  • Portage Lodge
 Lodge Spirit Award: 
  • Wapashuwi Lodge
 Man/Mile Award: 
  • Portage Lodge
 Lodge Chief of the Year: 
  • Bret Nadolski, Onondaga Lodge
 Brotherhood Ceremony Competition: 
  • Portage Lodge
Council of Chiefs
April 13, 2014
Conference Call
May 16-18, 2014
Firelands Scout Reservation
Wakeman, OH
October 31-November 2, 2014
Camp Lazarus
Delaware, OH